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Veronica Fannin, an illustrator and designer in New York’s Hudson Valley, announces the release of a children’s book that illustrates the alphabet in a creative and humorous way. “A is for Asparagoose” features a page devoted to each letter, with vibrant illustrations of plant/animal portmanteaus, like “tomatoad” and “zebroccoli.”

The book showcases Veronica’s love for letters, plants, animals, and giggles. Wordplay and humor are nothing new for the artist and letterer. “‘Dr. Seuss’s ABC’ was the first book I memorized as a child, and this book is a tribute to the wordplay master,” she said. “But it has a deeper, nerdy element in the footnotes. I think this book creates a fun communication dynamic between readers. You can read it like a guessing game in the middle of the day, or like a non-fiction snoozer at bedtime.”

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning their first letters, the text is short, the letters are front and center, and the illustrations are captivating. Easily adaptable for older children, the footnotes contain fun facts about the creatures. The result is often the discovery of plants or animals they’ve never encountered before. “The illustrations are fun, the design is perfect, and the palette is gorgeous,” says Lee Wade of Schwartz & Wade Books.

“I wrote ‘A is for Asparagoose’ for a few reasons: First, I am very goal-driven, and an alphabet book presents a measurable challenge (exactly 26 illustrations). Second, I love typography, so this seems like a proper homage. And, most of all, I want my friends to laugh and to ask me what a durian is,” says Fannin, who believes the book can inspire folks to learn more about plants and the natural world. She hopes that, through the magic of the book, the reader will learn to combine words in new and playful ways, and of course, to eat more fruits and vegetables. Veronica Fannin successfully raised funds to print 1,000 first-edition copies of “A is for Asparagoose” on Kickstarter.

The book is now available at select bookstores and on her website: www.veronicafannin.com

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A is for Asparagoose
by Veronica Fannin
7” x 7” hardcover, 54 full-color pages, $20 retail price

A silly and smart hand-lettered alphabet book with 26 original illustrations of fun-to-say plant + animal hybrids. Giggles guaranteed. The first edition printing was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2017 and resulted in over 250 presales.

Each page has a full-color spread for each letter of the alphabet; every letter has a corresponding illustration of a creature built from an animal and plant combination. The hybrids have been selected for their visual impact, as well as how fun or silly it is to read the resulting word. The left page shows a small image and description (fun facts!) for each animal and plant that have been combined to build the creature on the right page. The descriptions are long enough to put a toddler to sleep, and educational enough to pique the interest of children and adults alike!


Available for purchase at select bookstores and at www.veronicafannin.com
Wholesale ordering available
Minimum order: 10 @ 40% discount $12/ea.
Please email for wholesale inquiries.

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Veronica Fannin

is an artist, letterer, and instructor in New York’s Hudson Valley. “I enjoy custom projects of all types. From signage, imaging, and organizing, to workshops and websites, I like to see dreams come alive. I revel in the process and bask in the final product. I am a geek at heart, and I love anything that’s structured like an 8-bit RPG. I love puzzles, fantasy, and a courageous cause. I like to make grammar jokes and puns, and my heart fills up when children laugh at my antics.”

The concept for A is for Asparagoose had been floating around for three years as an ongoing in-joke between Veronica and her partner, Thomas. She even had sketches for some of the creatures. When her technology upgraded to a tablet in early 2016, Veronica decided to become familiar with the digital paintbrush. “As I tested my skills at digital painting, I wanted a fun project to work on as I learned, and I tried drawing an asparagoose. I loved it so much and was hooked—I learned a whole new method of illustration because I practiced it 26 times!”



Sample page spread: T is for tomatoad

Sample page spread: Z is for zebroccoli